10 Dog breeds with the cutest puppies


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the cutest puppy, of them all? Here is our list – which breed of dog do you think has the cutest puppies?

#1 Basset Hound

Who could resist that cute sad face. This puppy makes it to number 1 on our list because it has it all :sad eyes, adorable big ears and a look that says pick me up and cuddle me!

#2 English bulldog

Their wrinkly skin, cute tubby bodies and helpless look makes everyone’s hearts melt.

#3 Akita

Their cute faces, and abundance of lovely fur bumps the Akita puppy up to number three on our list.

#4 Pomeranian

As a puppy, this breed looks like a fluffy little teddy bear. Their soft coat, round eyes and adorable faces make it impossible to not want to pick them up and cuddle them.

#5 Labrador

It is no surprise that the Labrador is a friend of advertising agencies. His roly-poly body and cute face could sell us anything.

#6 Pug

Pugs are little bundles of joy and fun! Their bug-eyes, scrunched-up face and curly tail melts any heart.

#7 Chihuahua

Impossible to spell but very probably that you will fall in love with these diminutive pups. Their cute sad faces and small size make this breed a favourite the world over.

#8 Viszla

Look at those big blue eyes! Viszlas are a regal handsome breed and their pups are the picture of cuteness.

#9 Golden Retriever

Another favourite with advertisers and it is no surprise why – these puppies are irresistible!

#10 Dachshund

Like the Basset Hound, this puppy’s sad droopy face and velvet ears help rank it highly in the cute stakes.