The 2020 Census is moving forward during COVID-19 and Lee County residents encouraged to use online Census form to avoid risk.

Lee County residents are being encouraged to go online to complete the 2020 Census. For the first time ever, the Census is available to complete online, over the phone and by mail. With three options available, it is hoped that Lee County residents will be able to complete the Census by April 1st without needing to eventually interact with Census staff.

Due to the Coronavirus, the Census has temporarily suspended field operations, but the Constitutional directive for a nationwide count continues.

An accurate count of Lee County is essential. Data is used to ensure that the County has fair representation in federal and state legislatures and proportionate funding for roads and public transit, healthcare, schools, housing, parks, public safety and many more county-wide programs.

Households are currently receiving official Census Bureau information by mail, giving instructions on how to go online to Mailed invitations to complete the Census are addressed to “Resident” rather than to a specific name. This is the official invitation to participate and should not be discarded.

Census Day is observed nationwide on April 1st. By this date, every home should have received an invitation to participate. Invitations are arriving at different times so residents – especially those in new gated communities – should remain patient as their invitations may arrive near Census Day.



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