Broxburn and Uphall Traders’ Association Announce COVID-19 Support Scheme for Local Shops


Broxburn and Uphall Traders’ Association (BUTA) have announced that with the support of the Broxburn and Uphall Town Centre Management Group they are jointly funding a new scheme to help support the local COVID-19 response.

The scheme will not just be open to their own members, but also to other small independent retailers in Broxburn and Uphall who had to close during the lockdown.

The key item of this support is in the provision of a kit of essential PPE and signage for shopkeepers, designed to help them open up and operate post-lockdown in accordance with Government guidelines and make it safer for their staff and customers alike.  This will be backed up at a later date with a Shop Local – Shop Safer campaign.

This scheme is designed to support small businesses operating in Broxburn and Uphall who were forced to close during the Pandemic Lockdown and remained closed until at least 16th June 2020.

The contents of the kits range from hand sanitiser, to face masks and also signage.

The area supported by the scheme includes East Main Street, Goschen Place, Greendykes Road, Station Road and West Main Street, Broxburn also East Main Street and West Main Street, Uphall. Applications are welcomed from small independent traders who are not part of a multi-national or chain of businesses.

Further details of the scheme and conditions available on the BUTA website.



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