Northern High Lights -10 fun things to do in Reykjavík

Fun things to do in Reykjavik

Iceland is becoming one of the best places to visit for a city break for many travellers. Despite the population of the city being smaller than Blackpool, it does not feel like a small English town. This is the capital city of Iceland, it is full of entertainment, history, and culture. So, what fun things are there to do in this northern capital city?

By Phil Taylor

  1. Borgarholt

If you are one of those people who enjoy free things and enjoy spectacular views, then Borgarholt hill is exactly the type of thing for you to enjoy. Located in Karsens part of the city and away from the hum drum of the city centre, this hill offers you perfect views of the city but also right onto the horizon of the sea.

At the top of the hill is also the Kópavogskirkja. The Kópavogskirkja is a church is a large white building built in the 1960s and is one of the most interesting looking buildings in Iceland.

  1. Hafnarfjörður Museum

The Hafnarfjörður Museum will tell you all things Iceland. The museum consists of five different buildings and shows Iceland all the way through the ages. The main part of the museum has three floors of exhibits showing life in this area over the past century. Whereas the other buildings are specific to a certain era from Iceland these include a shop from the early 20th Century and the home a fishing family.

The museum certainly helps you understand what life has been like in Iceland and how people have lived in the country for centuries.

  1. Experience local cuisine

Reykjavik has plenty of restaurants and more than many are world class. Iceland has excellent cuisine and there are some Icelandic foods that you just must try. As you may have guessed you cannot go wrong with ordering fish from the island because in most restaurants it is a fresh as you can get. Lamb is also used in many meals as well.

Although it might not sound appealing but Matur og Drykkur, which is cods head cooked in chicken stock, is the ideal Icelandic meal. Some might be struggling to understand how this is nice, but you will not regret this salty treat.

Hot pool Reykjavik

  1. Hot Springs and Swimming Pools

The hot springs and natural geysers are the standout images of Reykjavik. When people mention the Icelandic capital they often picture people chilling in the hot springs or relaxing by the pools such as Laugardalslaug which are thermal public swimming baths.

Alongside Laugardalslaug is the Blue Lagoon. It is home to 25 natural wonders of the world and is a place where the powers of geothermal seawater create transformational spa journeys. Although Reykjavik is not a stressful capital city it is certainly a great place to relax and enjoy the natural wonders.

  1. Golden Circle Bus Tour

If you are taken by the idea of the hot springs, then you must take the Golden Circle Bus tour. You will experience 300km of natural wonders as you go around Reykjavik and down the southern side of Iceland.

The wonders include the geysers that can shoot up to 40m in the air and Gulfoss the unbelievable waterfall is just so photogenic that you will not want to put your camera down and stop taking photos of it. This is the real Iceland on this tour, and it shows how fantastic a city break to Reykjavik can be as you get both nature and city life.

  1. Northern Lights

Easily the most well-known thing about Iceland and you can experience the Northern Lights from the capital city. It is possible to see the lights from the streets in the city which is quite amazing. However, you might experience some glare from the streetlights so the best place to see the natural phenomenon is just slightly out of the city down is by the seaside at Seltjarnarnes. Here you will get a clear image of the amazing sky and you can fully immerse yourself in the magical feeling above you.

Reykjavik skyline

  1. Game of Thrones Tour

Winter is coming. In fact, it is always here in Reykjavik with lots of filming from the famous HBO TV show filmed in the country. Fans from all over the world visit the city to spot their favourite scenes from the TV show and what better way to do it then taking the Game of Thrones licensed tour where you can visit all the locations including the White Wall.

With the tour you will be given all the information you need to satisfy your own Game of Thrones needs.

  1. Hallgrimskirkja Church

There is something about Iceland and building impressive churches because alongside Kópavogskirkja, there is Hallgrimskirkja which offers possibly the best panoramic views of the city and the sea surrounding the island. At 74.5m tall it stands out with its height, but it also stands out because of the modern impressionist style, grand doors at the entrance of the church and the history that surrounds this church.

Entry to the top is 900 ISK (about £5) for adults but 100 ISK for children aged 7-14. However, you will get every penny worth of it with 360 views of the capital city.

  1. Experience the nightlife

The nightlife in Rekjavik is something else. The nightlife goes on until the early hours in the morning with people drinking and enjoying the clubs in the city. Although venues close at 1am Sunday to Thursday, on Friday and Saturday night bars and clubs usually close at 5am!

Some of the clubs offer live music such as jazz bars which always draw a crowd, but you can also experience comedy sets, drag acts and maybe even a film festival depending on the time of year you go.

  1. Harpa Concert Hall and Old Harbor

This impressive building is something of an illusion when you first lay your eyes on It. It is worth it just to go and take pictures of the architecture. However, if you visit at night you will see the building lit up with LEDs and the view is spectacular.

In the actual building you can have many a cultural festival or you might be able to catch the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.