Sanibel Fire Department launches app to personalize emergency response


Sanibel Fire Department has teamed up with First Due to launch a program so that firefighters have more information to help local residents in an emergency.

The Community Connect website and app will allow you to add personal information about your home and household functional needs. For your property, it will help firefighters to quickly understand critical information such your residence type, whether or not you have fire sprinklers or your family meeting place and improves the Fire Department’s ability to respond and make decisions during an emergency.

You are even able to include photos of your house so it’s easier to find, and detail any medical conditions you may have. You can even provide information about your pets and a photo of them so firefighters can easily identify them in an emergency.

Fire Chief Matthew Scott stated, ”The First Responders of the Sanibel Fire Rescue District are always looking for way to improve the services we provide to our community. We are excited to announce that we are providing a new program that allows us to protect our residents lives and property in even more effective ways. The program is Community Connect. It is a free, secure and easy way for our communities to provide critical information about their households to our first responders. By providing information about you or your residence that you feel is important for our emergency response personnel to know about in the unfortunate event that there is an emergency, we can ensure you and everything you care about can be better protected.”