10 Highest Waterfalls In The World

The following top 10 is a list of waterfalls by height. The list does not include underwater falls or waterfalls made up of cumulative sections. Whilst other lists categorise by volume of water, we have gone by uninterrupted drops, and as their photos show, they are undoubtedly the most magnificent!

#1 Angel Falls – Venezuela – 3212ft

Angel Falls is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions, though a trip to the falls is far from easy as the falls are located in an isolated jungle. The Angel Falls (Spanish: Salto Ángel; Pemon language: Kerepakupai Meru meaning “waterfall of the deepest place”, or Parakupá Vená, meaning “the fall from the highest point”) is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 metres (3,212ft) and a plunge of 807 metres (2,368 ft). The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Canaima), a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of Bolívar State. The height figure 979 metres (3,211 feet) mostly consists of the main plunge but also includes about 400 metres (0.25 mi) of sloped cascade and rapids below the drop and a 30-metre (98 ft) high plunge downstream of the talus rapids.

#2 Tugela Falls – South Africa – 3110ft

Tugela Falls is a complex of seasonal waterfalls located in the Drakensberg Mountains of Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. It is generally accepted as the world’s second-tallest waterfall but there is an argument that it is actually the tallest waterfall in the world, rather than Venezuela’s Angel Falls. The combined total drop of its five distinct free-leaping falls is officially 948 m (3,110 ft). In 2016, however, a Czech scientific expedition took new measurements, making the falls 983 m tall. The data were sent to the World Waterfall Database for confirmation. The source of the Tugela River (Zulu for ‘sudden’) is the Mont-Aux-Sources plateau which extends several kilometers beyond The Amphitheatre escarpment from which the falls drop.

#3 Cataratas las tres Hermanas – Peru – 3000ft

Number 3 on the list is Tres Hermanas Falls. This impressive 3000-foot waterfall is located in the Otishi National Park of Junin, Peru. It originates as the Cutivireni River, is surrounded by montanious forest and falls in 3 different sections.

# Olo’upena Falls – Hawaii – 2953ft

The visually stunning Olo’upena Falls is a waterfall located in the north-eastern part of Hawaiian Island of Molokai, and is unofficially cited as the fourth highest waterfall in the world, and the highest in the United States. The falls occur where a short, seasonal stream spills over the edge of one of the tallest sea-side cliffs of the world, located between the Pelekunu and Wailau valleys. They have eroded a groove in the cliff-face and can be observed only from the ocean or air.

#5 Catarata Yumbilla – Peru – 2940ft

Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest yet still in the Andes mountains, this waterfall is tiered in 4 or 5 different parts that make up its 2,940 feet. The Utubamba River makes up the Yumbilla Falls.

#6 Vinnufossen – Norway – 2822ft

Vinnufossen is the tallest waterfall in Europe and the sixth-tallest in the world. The waterfall is located just east of the village of Sunndalsøra in the municipality of Sunndal in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The falls are part of the river Vinnu which flows down from the Vinnufjellet mountain which in turn is fed from the Vinnufonna glacier. The falls flow into the river Driva near the village of Hoelsand.

#7 Balåfossen – Norway – 2788ft

Balåifossen is a very tall but rather low volume multi-step waterfall found along the Osafjord in Ulvik. The falls’ namesake stream drains from several modest tarns perched 100m above sea level and upon reaching the edge of the fjord, the stream plunges for a total of 2788 feet before ending on an alluvial fan and flowing into the sea.

#8 Pu’uka’oku Falls – Hawaii – 2756ft

Pu’uka’oku Falls are the 8th largest waterfalls in the world, and are located on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. The surrounding sea cliffs increases the visual impressiveness of Pu’uka’oku Falls.

#9 James Bruce Falls – Canada – 2756ft

James Bruce Falls  is the highest-measured waterfall in the continent of North America and ninth-tallest in the world. Located in Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, it stems from a small snowfield and cascades 840 m (2,760 ft) down to Princess Louisa Inlet. Two parallel streams, for which the falls are named, come from this snowfield, one of which is persistent throughout the year and the other of which usually dries up by July. The stream flows into Loquilts Creek, which empties into the inlet via the better known Chatterbox Falls

#10 Browne Falls – New Zealand – 2743ft

Finally, number 10 on the list of the highest waterfalls in the world is Browne Falls. This waterfall is located on South Island, New Zealand in Fiordland Park. Browne Falls is in the middle of a temperate rainforest. Its 2,743 feet originate from a glacial mountain lake and fall into the Doubtful Sound.

Top 10 Unique Experiences in Finland

Finland is a unique country in many ways. Its beautiful landscape and traditions attract millions of tourists every year. Finland is also home to some unique experience and events that make it an even more special place to visit.

#1 Ice Swimming

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Sampo, the world’s only icebreaker that operates specifically for tourism purposes, sails the Gulf of Bothnia along the stretches of the Finnish Lapland. After a respectable 30-year career as an icebreaker in the arctic seas, the vessel has been appointed a new, more captivating task – to serve as the base for ice adventurers. Whilst on board, you can even partake in ice swimming, floating in pack ice whilst wearing thermal survival suits. Extreme closeness to nature at its best!

#2 Wife Carrying Contest

The event started in the 19th century, when a robber named Herkko Ronkainen and his gang mates took the habit of stealing girls as well as food and other wares from the villages they raided. Nowadays, the tradition has turned into a full-fledged championship, held yearly in the village of Sonkajärvi, in the eastern part of the country. ‘Wives’ are carried down a 235 m track with obstacles; the winner receives the wife’s weight in beer.

#3 Northern Lights

The world-famous resort of Kakslauttanen has become a go-to destination for anyone wanting to see the Northern Lights. The two person glass igloos include a bed, a toilet and a unique view to fall asleep to. The igloos can be booked from 24th August until the end of April, and though the Northern Lights are not guaranteed, the best chance of seeing them us from November until February .

#4 World Sauna Championships

The World Sauna Championships were an annual endurance contest held in Heinola, Finland, from 1999 to 2010. They originated from unofficial sauna-sitting competitions that resulted in a ban from a swimming hall in Heinola. The Championships were first held in 1999 and grew to feature contestants from over 20 countries. Sauna bathing at extreme conditions is a severe health risk: all competitors competed at their own risk, and had to sign a form agreeing not to take legal action against the organizers. Notably, the Finnish Sauna Society strongly opposed the event. After the death of one finalist and near-death of another during the 2010 championship, the organizers announced that they would not hold another event. This followed an announcement by prosecutors in March that the organizing committee would not be charged for negligence, as their investigation revealed that the contestant who died may have used painkillers and ointments that were forbidden by the organizers. There is a slim chance the event may be resurrected if it can be proved it can be held in a safe manner.

#5 Mobile Phone Throwing

Mobile phone throwing is an international sport that started in Finland in the year 2000. It’s a sport in which participants throw mobile phones and are judged on distance or technique. World record holder is Tom Philipp Reinhardt from Germany with a throw of 136,75m.

#6 Air Guitar Championship

The winner of the 2017 World Air Guitar Championship has been crowned… he is Matt “Airistotle” Burns. The pretend guitarist successfully defended his title at the 22nd Air Guitar World Championships in Finland. He defended his title by expertly shredding a non-existent guitar. The competition began as a joke but has become an annual celebration running for 22 years. “Airistotle”, who is from the US, held off competition from 15 competitors from around the world. A heavy metal version of I Will Survive helped Burns take the title. “People think that we’re saying that we’re talented musicians by playing air guitar,” Burns said after lifting a real trophy guitar. “That’s not the case, we’re just here having a good time.” The aim of the Air Guitar World Championships is to bring about world peace with zero guitars. The official website says: “Wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.” Inspired by the guitar God that is “Airistotle” fancy picking up an invisible guitar and entering next year’s tournament?

#7 Visit the Moomins

The cuddly Moomin trolls are so synonymous with Finland, they have even been featured on the side of a Finnair plane. This is a Moomin-based theme park designed for the Moomins’ littlest fans. Situated on the island of Kailo beside the town of Naantali, near Turku in Western Finland – on an archipelago facing into the Baltic Sea – Moomin World, or Muumimaailma in Finnish, is probably the most immersive Moomin experience a child (or a grown-up) will experience: rather than packing the island full of rides, like Disneyworld, the folk at Moomin World have simply recreated whole chunks of the Moomins’ world for you to explore. The main attraction is the blueberry-coloured Moomin House, but you can also visit Hemulen’s yellow house, Moominmamma’s Kitchen, the Fire Station, Snufkin’s Camp, the Hattifatteners’ Cave, Moominpappa’s boar and more – and you’re likely to run into actual Moomins while you’re at it. The World isn’t open all year, but when it is, it holds special Winter and Summer themed events – there’s skating and dog-sledding scheduled for the cold weather, and a themes such as ‘Fairytime’ for the summer. Not cheap, but well worth a visit for Moomin fans young and old.

#8 See some unusual statues

As far as micturating statuary goes, Manneken Pis in Brussels has been the gold standard for an astonishing 400 years. However, Helsinki introduced a charming new entrant a couple years ago that is less whimsical little kid peeing happily, and more chagrined adult who did not intend for you to see this. Standing 8.5 meters tall and sporting a surprised expression and an amiable blush, Bad Bad Boy was first unveiled in August 2014 in Helsinki’s East Harbour. Part of the Mutatis Mutandis exhibition of the work of artist Tommi Toija produced by Amos Anderson Art Museum, the statue original stood adjacent to ferry terminals and waterfront tourist amusements. After the show closed in October 2016, the statue was moved to a permanent home in the city’s West Harbour, just outside the building housing the Helsinki Computer and Game Console Museum. Some photo angles might make it look like the statue is now being used to water a landscaped area, but don’t worry: It’s just pissing on the sidewalk.

#9 Mosquito swatting Championship

Anyone who has visited Finland in the summer will know that the air is thick with thirsty bloodsucking mosquitos. Mozzies and midges are at their most annoying in the northern part of the country, especially in forested areas near water (99% of Northern Finland!). The Finns, being a practical bunch, turned the necessary into fun, and organized a yearly mosquito-swatting competition in the northern town of Pelkosenniemi. The one who swats the highest number of mosquitoes in 5 minutes wins. Presently, the record stands at 21. Could you do better? Then head to Pelkosenniemi next year!

#10 Swamp Soccer World Championships

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For decades, the top Finnish cross-country skiers have been practicing their basic level of fitness at the swamp during the summer, and that is where the idea of combining the swamp and the world’s most popular sport, football, came from in 1998 in Hyrynsalmi. The rest is history… Swamp Soccer was born. The first competition in 1998 involved 13 teams and since 2000, the battle for the title of world champion has taken place in Vuorisuo. Competitions are attended by nearly 300 teams, more than 4,000 players from 10 different countries. The Ukkohalla ski & sport resort acts as a place of accommodation for the players, and hosts the Swamp Rock event during the games. The games are played on fields that are the size of 30 x 60 m. There are 20 fields in Vuorisuo, and during the competition nearly 1,000 games are played. The amount of players on the pitch includes the goalkeeper and 5 field players (1+5). The number of substitute players is not restricted, and substitutions are made on the fly. Playing time is 2 x 10 minutes. World Championship titles are solved in 6 different series: mixed, women’s hobby, women’s competition, men’s hobby, men’s competition, business. In addition, the Swamp Adventure series is a playful swamp adventure, that includes task points in the swamp in addition to the games. Vuorisuo is located in Hyrynsalmi and during the games it has a non-stop transportation from Ukkohalla for players and spectators. In addition to the 20 fields, the swamp has; a games office, swamp restaurant, swamp fair and of course women’s and men’s saunas.

10 Facts You Need To Know About Glen Coco

Glen Coco was a minor non-speaking role in the 2004 film ‘Mean Girls’. Even though the character does not serve the plot in any way, a single quote from fellow student Damian (Daniel Franzese) makes him a fan favourite. You Go Glen Coco!

#1 Glen Coco is one of the most iconic non-speaking roles in Teen Movie history

Glen Coco had no speaking role in the film, but has become a pop-culture phenomenon

#2 Glen Coco was portrayed by David Reale

Glen Coco Mean GirlsDavid was raised in Caledon, Ontario, Canada and attended Robert F Hall Catholic Secondary School. He was a struggling actor aged 19 when Mean Girls was filmed, though had had some success from the early age of 16 voicing Kai Hiwatari for the Beyblade animé series.

#3 Glen Coco (David) is now 35 years old

Glen Coco nowThought that would make you feel old!

#4 David was not officially cast in the film

Glen Coco candy caneDavid actually auditioned for a different role in the film. He did not get the part, but as he lived across the street from where Mean Girls was being filmed, he decided to wander onto set anyway.

#5 A lucky break happened on his only day on set

Plastics Mean GirlsDespite only visiting set in the hope of some free food, the director recognised him from his previous audition. As a consolation prize, he offered him a walk-on non speaking role. He followed the director, entered the classroom set and sat down right in front of the main cast. As David recalls, ‘Tina Fey wrote the line, Daniel Franzese spoke the line…I just sat in a chair and tried not to stare at Lindsay Lohan’. Without ever signing a contract or getting paid, and after being on set for just one hour, David had become an internet sensation! As David himself said: ”If a hungry teenager can wander in off the street, get a free meal, sit in a chair, say nothing,  and become part of an internet sensation that has people from all over the world saying nice things to him on a daily basis then anything is possible. Four for you…four for all of you. YOU GO!”  

#6 Glen Coco belonged to no tribe

Cool Asians Mean GirlsThe school in which Mean Girls is set, North Shore High, is dominated by teenage tribes; the Plastics, the Cool Asians, the Jocks, the Mathletes and the Junior Plastics to name a few. Glen Coco seemed to belong to no tribe et still managed to get four candy canes. You go Glen Coco!

#7 David went on to star in several hit US TV shows

Queer as FolK David RealeDavid has one on to have parts in TV shows including Skins, Designated Survivor and Queer as Folk.

#8 David has even starred in Suits!

Suits Glen CocoDavid appeared in Suits alongside Megan Markle as recurring character IT specialist ‘Benjamin’. As the person in charge of the law firm’s entire computer and server network, Benjamin manages and repairs all the computers and protects the network from outside attack. He was one of the few employees that continued to work for the firm after most of the employees left, following Mike Ross’s conviction. You go Glen Coco! .

#9 Glen Coco is now a Social Media Phenomenon

Glen Coco hoodieFrom Memes to online merchandising, the spirit of Glen Coco lives on!

#10 David is now a motivational speaker

Geln coco nowDavid has now channelled the positivity around Glen Coco into giving motivational pep talks: ”I don’t even know how the internet made the connection that it was me. You don’t even see my face in the scene! People are really great about it. Glen Coco brings out the best in people. I get all these motivational pep talks all the time.  Almost every day in real life or on twitter I get people telling me “You go!” or “Four for you!” or “Live every day like you’re Glen Coco!” It’s always positive.”
Photo credits – David Reale, Paramount (Mean Girls), Universal Content Productions (Suits)