Cape Coral’s Veterans Day parade canceled due to Tropical Storm Eta

The City of Cape Coral has canceled its new “drive-in” Veterans Day parade due to expected rain from Tropical Storm Eta. Wednesday’s audience-participation parade at Sun Splash Family Waterpark had replaced the city’s usual Veterans Day parade. That previous parade was canceled this year due to COVID-19 concerns. The City of Cape Coral Special Events division announced the news yesterday afternoon on Facebook. City leaders plan to recognize local veterans at a smaller event next week that won’t be open to the public, the message said. “If you have a Veteran in your family/inner circle, please send us their contact information to [email protected], so we can reach out to invite them!”

“This violent act against a defenseless animal is sickening” : Fort Myers man faces animal cruelty charge after killing cat

On Friday, November 6, 2020, at approximately 11:45 pm, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address off of Clear Lake Loop in Fort Myers in reference to a complaint of animal cruelty towards a cat. LCSO detectives obtained and executed a search warrant for the residence. Detectives and Crime Scene Technicians examined the scene and located blood on a wall inside the residence. The blood was determined to be of animal origin. After a thorough investigation, detectives learned the suspect, Antonio Rodriguez bludgeoned and disposed of the cat. Based on the facts revealed during the investigation, Rodriguez was arrested and charged with violation of Florida Statute 828.12(2) Aggravated Animal Cruelty. Based on the facts revealed during the investigation, Rodriguez was arrested and charged with violation of Florida Statute 828.12(2) Aggravated Animal Cruelty. Detectives booked Rodriguez into the Lee County Jail, where he is being held without bond, pending his initial court appearance. “This violent act against a defenseless animal is sickening” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  “You have my word: my team will continue to protect those who don’t have a voice.  Anyone who intentionally harms an animal will go to jail”
(Photo Credit: LCSO booking photo)  

Three Arrested for Striking Lee County Sheriff Office helicopter with Laser

Two youths and an adult have been arrested in Fort Myers after deliberately endangering a police helicopter by pointing a laser light into the cockpit. On October 31, 2020, members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit were responding to a call in Central District when a man shined a green laser light into the cockpit of the helicopter. With the help of the Forward Looking Infared camera, the Tactical Flight Officer was able to locate where the laser light was coming from.
Aviation deputies observed three individuals walking through a neighborhood and intentionally pointing a laser at the helicopter.
The helicopter team tracked the subjects and advised LCSO ground units they were standing in a driveway getting candy at 6190 Arbor Avenue.
Patrol deputies quickly responded and took Alexander Harry, Xavier Satchell, and Adam Schlesier into custody and charged them with Misuse of a Laser, which is a third-degree felony.
“I can’t begin to explain how dangerous it is to put our aviation crew members in jeopardy by pointing a laser light at their eyes,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno on social media. “Any person who intentionally tries to harm my family members will go to jail.”
“Our patrol and aviation units worked together to arrest four subjects for this crime in the last 72 hours. Those who want to play this game will find themselves in the Lee County Jail,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Pedestrian seriously injured in Cape Coral Traffic Crash

A pedestrian was hit by a car late Friday evening in Cape Coral. The crash happened near the intersection of Pine Island Road and Santa Barbara Boulevard. The pedestrian, named as Kalon L Brooks by Cape Coral Police, was crossing northbound over Pine Island Rd and crossed the eastbound lanes directly in front of a Kia Forte. He was rendered aid by the driver of the Kia as well as by other passing motorists, before being taken by ambulance to a local Hospital with life threatening injuries. It is understood that the driver of the Kia was not impaired by alcohol or drugs and speed was not a contributing factor in this crash.    

Undiscovered Countries – Possible new country pavilions for Epcot’s World Showcase?

EPCOT has kicked off a massive, historic, multi-year transformation. With strong rumours pointing to at least one new pavilion coming to the World Showcase section of the park, we thought it would be fun to share some top contenders for countries we would love to see Disney bring to the park. By Phil Taylor Disney World is back open for business after the global pandemic and there is already a discussion about further planning for one of the resorts. The Disney company has been on a high since they were able to open the new park in Shanghai in 2016 and all the parks around the world have been under some sort of update. The focus was on Paris, California Adventure and Hong Kong as Disney allegedly felt these parks were rushed and lacked a certain ‘Disney’ feel. One of the areas that is on the radar for improvement is the world showcase at EPCOT. EPCOT is approaching its 50th year and with talk of new attractions being added to the park there is one big rumour that a new country will be added to Epcot. However, what country will it be? Epcot JapanWhat is Epcot? EPCOT is a theme park at Disney World Florida that is like no other. Alongside the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, the theme parks create just part of the Disney resort. Disney was an avid imagineer and wanted to create a utopia of the future; hence lands such as Tomorrow land. Walt’s plans were in place many years before the development opened in 1982. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and cost $800 million when it was first opened. When the park opened it was the second park in Florida and the first park away from the Magic Kingdom style with an educational feel. EPCOT is a park full of different areas themed around different countries and is called the world showcase as Disney promote many different countries from around the world with customary traditions from that certain country. The areas include rides, attractions, restaurants and gift shops that all relate to the country it is in. What countries are at Epcot’s world showcase? In 1982, there were nine countries represented in Florida. These included Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. However, two more countries have been added since as the Morocco pavilion opened in 1984 and Norway in 1988. In each of these countries you will still have a Disney experience, despite the theming being focused on countries traditions, as you will find characters from your favourite Disney films in each of these countries. For example, you may see Mulan in China, Alice in Wonderland in England or even Donald Duck donning a sombrero in Mexico! EPCOT is an immersive experience and one you can get lost in very easily as you transition seamlessly from one pavilion to another. You could be having a beer and a bratwurst in Germany one minute and then the next you could have a pinot and a pizza in Italy. Epcot really does have everything. What countries nearly got added? Equatorial Africa A pavilion focusing on all things Africa with a 60-foot tree overlooking a watering hole. It would also include a live show of African dancers and music would have taken place in the outdoor amphitheatre. The “Heartbeat of Africa” was the live show spectacular that was going to grab the hearts of guests. However, it ran into issues because a certain country could not be agreed upon and political issues surrounding the proposed funding from South Africa. People were able to fully enjoy an African feel with Animal Kingdom being built in 1998. Israel In 1980, Israel agreed to become part of Epcot and to be part of designing and constructing the pavilion for $30-35 million. The pavilion would consist of a market style courtyard, classical and folk music would have been played at an amphitheatre. Like the issues surrounding the Equatorial Africa area, Disney supposedly pulled the plug due to political issues and the fear of violence and acts of terrorism in the Disney parks if they were to have an Israel pavilion. Spain The Spanish pavilion would have been like stepping into the Spanish countryside as well as a marketplace featuring both new and old traditions of the country. The pavilion was never built as a sponsor was not found. Millennium Village which was meant to celebrate the turn of the century was meant to have countries including Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, and Sweden. What countries could be added? With the rumours two years ago suggesting that Disney were ready to spend $450 million on a new EPCOT pavilion, fans were expecting big announcements at the D23 event but nothing has fully come to fruition. The countries that were being rumoured to be added to the park were Russia, India, Egypt, Spain, Brazil and Ireland. But Spain and Brazil were the favourites. With Spain being the favoured pavilion, plans looked in place and the Disney company looked like they were able to have the pavilion they wanted since 1981. However, with the Pixar film Gigantic, the film that would be tied to the area, being delayed and then put on hold it has meant the Spanish pavilion has suffered the same fate. Now Brazil looks set to become the favourite and plans were revealed for a 1.5 acre plot; a new area for a new pavilion. With hints coming from a survey that was sent out prior to the 2018 D23 event that included what restaurants park goers would like at EPCOT including tapas or a Brazilian steakhouse it looks likely that Disney will pursue the Brazilian theme as oppose to the Spanish theme. If Disney were able to bring in a Brazil themed pavilion it would really add a carnival atmosphere and a lot more energy to the park. Something many theme park enthusiasts would be interested in. Will the park be able to update? With announcements made pre COVID-19 to improve areas such as United Kingdom and France it will be interesting to see what the Disney Company might do. The popular ride from Disneyland Paris, Ratatouille, is close to completion in the French pavilion and will attract many people . However, the Mary Poppins attraction might be postponed or even cancelled if Disney feel like they do not have the funds to add the attraction to the UK pavilion. Disney fans are expecting some big updates and it was announced over $2 billion would be spent on the park to improve the already fantastic park, but the global pandemic could seriously impact the progress Disney had been expected to make before 2021.