We are officially ‘Over the Hump’! It is Wednesday, and the downhill slope to the weekend starts here!

Our highlights from across where-i-live.com this week include :


  • She is perhaps one of Britain’s most undersold talents. Find out more about the genius of Tracey Ullman here.
  • We all know that England, Scotland, Australian and South Africa play rugby, but Georgia and Romania? How did the sport make it big in Eastern Europe? Read the article here.
  • It’s the fastest growing trend this year! Lockdown beards – how to grow and maintain them Read our article here.
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  • There have been arguments for an against the Scottish Government owning a state-run airline for many years. With Scotland’s unique geography – it is essential the country is connected both domestically and internationally. Our author believes there is an alternate way involving existing budget airlines. Find out more here.
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  • It was with mixed emotions this week that we announced that our Edinburgh Fringe Countdown clock on our site has been reset to 2021. But there is much hope for the future despite the present worries for the festival and its artists and audiences. Read more here
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