We are Over The Hump! Issue 20

Over The Hump

We are officially ‘Over the Hump’! It is Wednesday, and the downhill slope to the weekend starts here!

Our highlights from across where-i-live.com this week include :


  • This week we found out more about Yorkshire Day which was celebrated on August 1st, and discovered how Yorkshire inventions have helped shape modern America. Read more here.
  • Swedish pop has brought us ABBA, The Cardigans and even Avicii, but a band with links to Welsh is one of their more unique exports. We find out more about Yaki Da and why this global hit isn’t known in Wales. Read more here.
  • A desperate struggle worthy of Captain Kirk – Three figures locked in battle, Bat-leths held high, they persevered for the rights of Star Trek. While the reality was marginally different to this scenario, the legal battle against Axanar Productions in 2017 was no less tense. This face-off raised an unprecedented legal question – can fictional languages be copyrighted? Read our article here.
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  • Scotland is famous around the world for the Loch Ness Monster. Whilst Nessie is rarely seen, Scotland’s killer whales are frequently sighted, and surprisingly close to shore. Where is the best place in Scotland to see these majestic animals? Read our article here.
  • Blackpool is renowned for its cheap and cheerful seaside bed and breakfast guest houses. But for travellers with an extra budget wanting a touch of luxury, what options, if any, are available? Discover more here.
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  • For many of us, working from home during COVID-19 has meant we are spending a lot of time on video meeting applications like Zoom. For many though, the novelty has quickly worn off, and ‘zoom fatigue’ has set in. So why are online meetings more tiring than face-to-face ones? Read our story here.
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