We are officially ‘Over the Hump’! It is Wednesday, and the downhill slope to the weekend starts here!

Our highlights from across where-i-live.com this week include :


  • The Nazis had a well-deserved reputation for brutality but one officer Hanns Scharff seems to have taken the opposite approach to interrogations – baking for Pows and inviting them to go on country walks. His approach was successful – and emulated by the CIA. Who was Hanns Scharff, how did his techniques work, and what is his legacy? Read more here.
  • The Pride Flag has waved its colours through 42 years of struggle. An iconic symbol of hope and equality, it represents the LGBT community and its allies, promoting a dream of acceptance for all. However, recent variants of the Pride flag are fuelling passionate debates among activists. Is a once all-inclusive symbol becoming divisive? Read more here.
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  • Think of Autumn and fall colours and the glorious foliage of New England’s woods and forests probably come to mind. But there is an equally stunning experience awaiting tourists right here in Scotland. Discover more here.
  • ‘Scotland was once again lit up this weekend by a fantastical display of the Aurora Borealis. Chances of seeing the Northern Lights are not guaranteed but you can increase your odds by visiting these places in Scotland at a certain time of year. Read more here.
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