We are officially ‘Over the Hump’! It is Wednesday, and the downhill slope to the weekend starts here!

Our highlights from across where-i-live.com this week include :


  • Four and a half weeks of endless exertion, nearly 300 mountaintops scaled, and finished with 48 hours of non-stop running – Donnie Campbell astounded runners everywhere by shattering the Munro running record by over a week. Read more here.
  • Slugs are the bane of many gardener’s existence. You do not have to let them them take over your beloved garden, however. There is a variety of techniques available, including lures and traps as well as using natural predators to rid you of slugs; if used consistently you’ll be slug-free in no time! Read more here.
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  • The Yorkshire town was recently named the second best travel destination in the world by Condé Nast. What makes the seaside town so popular and why should you visit Whitby? Discover more here.
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