We are officially ‘Over the Hump’! It is Wednesday, and the downhill slope to the weekend starts here!

Our highlights from across where-i-live.com this week include :


  • It is one of the most recognisable photos of the 21st century. Despite its success, the photographer has made little to no money from it. The incredible story behind the ‘distracted boyfriend’ photo.  Read more here.
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  • Come fly with me? Many airlines will probably get a negative answer to that question this year as Covid lockdown measures continue. But what if you have Avios points accumulating? Well, it is not necessarily all bad news as British Airways recently announced a 6 month extension on any unused companion vouchers members. What are the options then if you want to spend your points now, and what are the smart choices if you opt to continue collecting your points into next year? Discover more here.
  • The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis for the airline industry, but it is also an opportunity to reevaluate the design of the passenger experience and totally re-think seat design. Find out more here.
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