West Lothian Council has made an appeal on Social Media for all residents to help protect vulnerable children and adults.

Concerns have been raised that the Corona Virus lockdown will see an increase in stress levels in households that are socially isolating, and that this could give rise to increased threats, emotional and physical, against vulnerable children and adults.

However it is hoped that everyone will play their part to help, and report any concerns to the Council, or for those at immediate risk, to the police.

If you are resident in West Lothian and want to report a concern, the relevant numbers are provided below :

• If you have a concern that a child is at risk phone 01506 284000 (option 2)
• If you have a concern that an adult is at risk phone 01506 28400
• If you have a concern that an older person is at risk phone 01506 284700

Out of office hours phone 01506 281028 or 01506 281029. In an emergency please dial 999

If you are experiencing domestic abuse phone 01506 281055 or call/text 0781 842 1480 or 07799 341680.


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